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Ostheopathy dogs

Everything in a dog’s body moves, from muscles to blood vessels, intestines to bones. Osteopathy for dogs is a safe form of treatment that focuses on the movements of the body and the movements in the dog’s body. This mobility is essential for good health and prevention of symptoms.

Osteopathy for dogs is a manual medicine that focuses on identifying and treating functional disorders in the mobility of joints and tissues of the dog in general. The goal is to optimize the dog’s health and alleviate any complaints.


In a first consultation, Robert Bos usually examens your animal in total with the eyes of both a veterinarian and a therapist.  On the basis of this exam, an individual treatment plan will be set up and discussed with the owner.

Usually one or two treatments are enough. Often the first treatment is followed by a check after four to six weeks.


To make an appointment or for questions,  please call  Robert  Bos.  Easyer is to send a WhatsApp-message to 0031653942247.

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